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Welcome to M4 Ready

M4Ready is an online course that provides essential training for people who have the potential to plant, lead and multiply churches in their nations.

The course is intended for you and your friends – leaders in local churches, denominations or organizations with a more than average leadership potential who already have some track record of entrepreneurship, initiating new things and bringing change.

M4Ready will help you to find out:

  • If you have a passion, calling and growing skills for church planting.
  • If you have the potential to be part of a church planting team. 
  • If you have the potential to be a leader in a local church or serve in other roles, keeping church planting as a priority.
To learn more about M4 Ready, please watch this video with Theo Bunescu, one of the teachers from this course.

How to Access the Course?

  1. Create an account
  2. Register yourself at counties-training.org and after receipt of payment we will notify you of enrolment
  3. Enter your login user and password and click “Login”
  4. Scroll down to the Course content and click on your next section

If you have any trouble accessing the course, please email James Hyde at [email protected]

If you need to go back to an earlier section, please follow the instructions on the page or click on the menu on the left side. You can go back to where you were, but please be aware that you cannot jump further than you have watched and read. The course has a required progression, meaning you cannot jump from section 2 to section 4 without going through section 3 first.