Dear Participant

My name is Øivind Augland. I am the founder and leader of M4 Europe. Currently, I am a student at Asbury Seminary conducting a study for my dissertation project where I would like to involve you as a church planter in your nation.

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The purpose of this research is to identify the most important practices that leaders and team members can create and sustain to impact the performance in planting a new church, and what support structure that are needed to make it happen, using the M4 Team Process, utilizing data from Europe from 2015 to 2023.


Why are you asked to participate?

You are invited to be a part of this research because you are one of the church planters that have taken your church planting team through the whole M4 Team Process and ended the process between January 2015 and December 2023. The national leaders of M4 in your nation have helped us to identify your contact information. This survey will be sent out to some 230 church planters in Europe. Whatever is your situation, I invite you to take time to respond to the questions.



There is a legal procedure of information that this type of research requires. Please read the information carefully.

The M4 national leaders have provided your contact information. Data will be collected online through a WordPress landing page hosted by the company called SimplyLearn, available in 12 national languages as well as in English. There will be full anonymity for the data collected. Quotations from the material will be fully anonymised.

The people involved in this process will be: technical assistant Andy West, research assistant Valentina Leighton-Hansen and research consultant Liva Fokrote.

The project will be submitted to my research supervisor, presented to the faculty at Asbury Theological Seminary and shared with M4 in Europe. Hopefully and prayerfully, it will be made into a booklet available for a broader audience.

This project is governed by the General Data Protection Regulations of Norway (as this is the jurisdiction within which the research will be undertaken), and the oversight of Asbury Theological Seminary’s Independent Review Board (as this is the awarding body). This final requirement is constrained both by US law and regulations stipulated within the Seminary.

Before you sign and go to the survey

By checking the box below, you agree to participate in the online survey for the purpose of this research and you agree that your data is used in the way described above. Please make sure that any questions you have are answered before you sign. Please contact me on phone: +4795042260 or email: if you have any questions.